3-2-2-2 Patterns, part 1 of 8 (Peter's Tuning)

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These following snippets are a continuation of the previous treble-side-only patterns. I obviously like the 3/8+3/4 meter a lot. I played this rhythmic pattern for the first time in Leonard Bernstein’s “Mass”. Since it’s an odd number of eighth notes per measure the fingering repeats after two measures. It grooves in a very syncopated way.

First the basic pattern using a two note pattern on the treble side and a simple bass line on the bass side. Actually the bass line will stay the same throughout this exercise.

Puts a simple Eb triad on top and creates a Cm7 with the bass line.

Alternating chord voicings for first and second measures. First measure creates a Cm7 chord and the second measure Csus(6/9) or Dm/C.

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