Advanced Chord Scales, part 1 (Peter's Tuning)

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For the harmonic understanding of and sheer muscle memory for any instrument capable of playing chords chord-scales are essential. In addition to practicing scales in single notes and triads in various inversions I came up with these ‘thick ambiguous yet diatonic chords’.

The top/treble triads are simple inverted triads. Thus the simple chord symbols. The lower staff are diatonic fourth chords which I didn’t bother to name. Together these voicings sound really thick and ambiguous. Of course if you’d try to name the resulting, combined six-note voicing you’d get fairly complex names.

Or this:

Once you understand the basic mechanics take the example through the cycle of fourths (or fifths) - adding a flat (or sharp) on every pass.

Here the basic scale in the next key (F):

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