Basic Funk Grooves (Peter's Tuning)


Basic Funk Groove 1

Try to tap this drum pattern as a preparation. Necks pointing up are snare drum - tap with the treble hand, necks pointing down are bass drum - tap with the bass hand.

This is a basic Funk groove in 4/4 based on a simple I-V cycle and the above rhythmic pattern. The first measure is a D7#9 chord the second measure a A13. As throughout this material practice the upper and lower staff alone at first. On many of these grooves we try to imitate a drum pattern where the bass hand acts as the bass drum and the treble hand acts as the snare.

Basic Funk Groove 2

Again prepare by tapping the snare/bass drum pattern beforehand.

Another Funk groove in 4/4. Again a I-V cycle. Here it’s C7#9 in the first measure and G13 in the second. This is a fairly syncopated affair. For variations you have to again think like a drummer and let the bass notes assume the role of the bass drum and the chords the snare.